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  • To submit photos to the webmaster for inclusion, there are several options:

    • Email to the Webmaster Useful for a few photos, but beware of the size of attachments - they can easily grow large and email systems may reject them. As a rule, please do not send emails larger than 5MB.
    • CD, DVD, Memory Stick. Can be used to provide larger sets of photos, although the website gallery cannot store too many, so please assemble a selection of your best shots!
    • Cloud storage. There are several cloud storage services that can be used to store photos and to share them with other people. If you use cloud storage to submit photos, please share them with and the storage service will send an email to the webmaster. Cloud storage services include Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Apple iCloud. Each is quite simple to sign up to and use (and you may already have access if you have a Google, Microsoft or Apple email account). These cloud storage services are all free of charge up to a reasonable storage limit.